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A narrative strategy game about a t-rex, triceratops, and ankylosaurus who get stuck in a new land controlled by tyrannical cats. Construct buildings, lead troops, and use powers on the battlefield to ensure victory and get back home.

This is an early demo that includes a tutorial and battle mode. 


► BUILD: Place buildings in order to access more troops, but watch out for your workforce level, which dictates how many buildings you can construct.

► DEPLOY: Select the troops you want to deploy and strategically position them on the battlefield.

► BATTLE: Watch your troops take down enemies, try out one-use hero powers by swiping them across the battlefield, and use one of the stances (attack).


Build new structures, deploy new troops, and try out new powers after the tutorial.

Depending on which difficulty level you select, different lanes will appear on the left side of the screen, which will need troops.

Two stances are available (attack & defense). 


‣ Strategy & Tactics — Preview upcoming challenges and plan ahead while managing multiple battlefields simultaneously.

‣ Build, Deploy Troops, & Battle — Build your base to create a strong army, deploy your troops on the battlefields, and let the fight begin.

‣ Deck Building — Create your own loadout and combine different buildings to get the most out of each battle.

‣ Heroes & Powers — Embody different characters and use their game-changing abilities on the battlefield.

‣ Interactive Story — The choices you make will directly impact the story and gameplay, so choose carefully.

‣ Evolving Environments — React and adapt to changing environments to overcome new challenges.


DumDumDinos - Prototype 59 MB
Dum Dum Dinos Android Demo 71 MB

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